Sunday, September 9, 2012

Acoustic Acrobats – Live (2012)

Acoustic Acrobats (band)

Piotr Skupniewicz
Bogusław Zięba
Jacek Hołubowski
Adam Leśniak
Jacek Fedkowicz

Live (2012)

This is the debut album by the excellent Polish Jazz-World Fusion ensemble Acoustic Acrobats, which comprises of clarinetist Piotr Skupniewicz, accordionists Jacek Holubowski and Boguslaw Zieba, bassist Jacek Fedkowicz and drummer Adam Lesniak. The album, recorded live, includes ten original tracks composed by the ensemble members: seven by Holubowski, one each by Zieba and Skupniewicz and the remaining one co-composed by Zieba and Skupniewicz. There is also a bonus track with one of the composition given a studio overhaul with surprising results. The band lists their manager, lighting and transport man occasional vocalist Damian Rekas as a sixth member, so I'll comply as well.

The unusual instrumental lineup of the ensemble sets them almost immediately apart from most other Jazz-World Fusion groups. They produce quite an innovative overall sound, with the two accordions collaborating wonderfully, complimented by the great rhythm section, with the clarinet wailing on top. Although the Jazz component is often quite subtle, it is nevertheless the driving force pushing the ensemble at all times and allowing for the extended improvised sections.

The World Music influences are quite varied and include Balkan, Jewish, Klezmer, Latin American and African spices, all used with moderation and good taste. The music is after all original, with distinctive melodies and climates, with the World Music additions ornamenting it rather than dictating the final result. The individual instrumental abilities of these musicians are beyond reproach and often border on virtuosity. The level of interplay and mutual respect is also commendable.

Experience tells that this kind of music sounds the best when heard live and therefore the unconventional decision of releasing a live album as a debut is definitely the correct one. The fact that it also is the least expensive way to record an album is secondary in this case.

Overall this is a first rate album, which is pure fun to listen to, without being simplistic or vulgar. In fact this music is quite complex musically and hides many wonderful moments, which will be revealed by repeated listening.

This is definitely a band worth following, going to hear them play in concerts if possible and now also waiting for their next album. Kudos!

By Adam Baruch

Tracklisting: 1. Judasz 2. Old School Song 3. Free Acrobats 4. A Lot Things Happened 5. Sevdenka 6. Tu Est 7. Fun Key 8. Zimra 9. Shoboolah 10. Belgrad 11. Shoboolah

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