Friday, September 14, 2012

Marcin Malinowski - Golijov: Dream And Prayers Of Isaac The Blind (2012)

Marcin Malinowski - clarinet, bass clarinet

string quartet:
Dorota Roszkowska - violin
Ewa Kaszuba - violin
Michał Piwowarczyk - viola
Aleksandra Kuczewska - cello

 Golijov: Dream And Prayers Of Isaac The Blind (2012)

(Editor) Clarinetist Marcin Malinowski whom we know as a leader of Meadow Quartet (check his "Unexpected" released this year) employed String Quartet and recorded very nice piece of classical music inspired by klezmer moods composed by Osvaldo Golijov.

The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind (1994) is the leading composition of the project Hear The Dybbuk – the essence of which is the performance of works which tie esthetics and the organization of notes in a classical way with the traditional Jewish music. The initiator of the project is Marcin Malinowski, who is supported by the outstanding young performers of chamber music from Tricity (Gdańsk, Poland): Dorota Roszkowska violin, Ewa Kaszuba violin, Michał Piwowarczyk viola, Aleksandra Kuczewska cello, Joanna Bogusz piano

source: linear notes

Prelude: Calmo, Sospeso
I. Agitato – Con Fuoco – Maestoso – Senza Misura, Oscilante
II. Teneramente – Ruvido – Presto
III. Calmo, Sospeso – Allegro Pesante
Postlude: Lento, Liberamente

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