Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lemanczyk, Bukowski, Losowski - Orange Trane Acoustic Trio (2012)

Lemanczyk, Bukowski, Losowski (trio)

Dominik Bukowski – wibrafon
Piotr Lemańczyk – bass
Tomasz Łosowski - perkusja

Orange Trane Acoustic Trio (2012)

There are sax, trumpet or piano affictionados but I personally have soft spot for vibraphone. Its sound really makes me crazy! Why? Why some people prefer brunnettes to blondes or redheads? I don't know but I feel if vibraphone was a girl it would be a brunette. Dark, cold and bluesy as hell...

Although vibraphone's sound has given in my case rise to female associations, the instrument itself is operated almost exclusively by men. I adore sound of Milton Jackson, Bobby Hutcherson or Gary Burton. In Poland we had one vibraphonist of a caliber equal to those great ones that is Jerzy Millian (some of his recordings: 1, 2, 3). Many interesting things have been done as well by Bernard Maseli and recently by young Dominik Bukowski.

Bukowski last two albums "Times Get Changed" (2008) and "Vice Versa" (2009) confirmed his immense talent but he is also very active as a sideman. Best of them were recorded in collaboration with doublebassist Piotr Lemańczyk. Their sounds fits each other perfectly: Lemańczyk's tone is deep and resonant while Bukowski's thoughful and otherworldly. Together they add a lot of depth to every session they take part into. Such albums like "Follow The Soul" (2003) and, especially, "Naha People" (2009) are good examples how fruitful such collaborations can be.

Orange Trane Acoustic Trio apart from these two musicians features Tomasz Łosowski who along with Lemanczyk played in original Orange Trane band. It was founded in 1994 by Lemanczyk, Jaskułke, Herbasz and Łosowski, and recorded two albums: "Obertas" (1997) and "My Personal Friend" (1998), which were favourably invited as much by the critics as by audience. After second album the collective disbanded and its members went in different directions: Lemanczyk, Bukowski - jazz, Łosowski - pop.

Going back to Łosowski my impression is that regardles many years of absence on Polish jazz scene his play is of high quality indeed. His drumming is energetic which fits perfectly Lemanczyk and Bukowski styles. Thanks to Łosowski music on this disc has strong internal propulsion, it jives, it swings, it rocks & rolls.

Important role on this album is also played by guests: vocalist Krystyna Stańko, Finnish saxophonist Joonatan Rautio, trumpeter Marcin Gawdzis and guitarist Marcin Wądołowski. All these musicians are very good and their presence enlivens music a lot. Main focus of this album however is always on trio play which is pure pleasure to listen and eventually it shall appeal not only to brunettes' fans...

By Maciej Nowotny

Track listing: 1. Blue Minds 2. We Are Back 3. Song For M 4. Do You Mind 5. One For Seam 6. Daves Mood 7. Nancy & Body 8. On Inner 9. Celebrity

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