Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Artur Dutkiewicz - Mazurki (Pianoart, 2012) by Adam Baruch

Artur Dutkiewicz - piano

Mazurki (Pianoart, 2012)

This is a solo piano album by the veteran Polish Jazz pianist / composer Artur Dutkiewicz. The album includes nineteen relatively short pieces, all composed by Dutkiewicz, and beautifully recorded in a church located in a Warsaw suburb.

Contrary to what one might expect, judging by the album's title, this is not one more Polish Jazz album, which contains Jazz interpretations of music by Frederic Chopin, a subject that has been completely exhausted in the last two decades, producing a plethora of such albums of very unstable quality. Chopin of course perfected the musical form of the mazurka (Polish folk dance) and composed 69 mazurkas for piano solo, which are today an integral part of the Polish / European Classical music heritage.

Dutkiewicz decided to approach the subject completely differently by composing a series of pieces, which have been largely influenced by Chopin's work, but are also quite different. In a manner similar to Chopin, Dutkiewicz incorporates other Polish folk motifs, like the oberek and the kujawiak, and on top adds the Jazz and Blues touches, which of course have nothing to do with the original inspiration. The resulting amalgam is truly charming and wonderful, providing the listener with a continuous listening pleasure.

Composing this music and performing it with such flair and elegance place Dutkiewicz again amongst the top Polish Jazz pianists. One can only hope for more such displays of his many talents in the future.

This album is a must for solo piano buffs and Jazz-Classical Fusion connoisseurs, providing repeated discoveries with each listening session. Warmly recommended!

By Adam Baruch

Track listing: 1 mazurek oberek 5:48 2 mazurek inspirowany 1 1:59 3 mazurek inspirowany 2 2:21 4 mazurek Africa 3:54 5 mazurek kielecki 2:39 6 mazurek pogodny 3:30 7 mazurek satwiczny 5:51 8 mazurek blue 3:43 9 mazurek mazowiecki 3:52 10 mazurek "Trane" 3:44 11 mazurek goniony 1:59 12 mazurek przydrożny 3:24 13 mazurek Hanusi 3:35 14 mazurek pińczowski 2:59 15 mazurek improwizowany 3 2:55 16 mazurek księżycowy 3:53 17 mazurek polski 2:54 18 mazurek bold 4:07 19 mazurek poranny 1:47

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