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Rudolf Dasek / Andrew Cyrille /Karel Ruzicka / Zbigniew Wegehaupt - Interlanding (1985)

Rudolf Dasek / Andrew Cyrille /Karel Ružicka / Zbigniew Wegehaupt

Rudolf Dašek, guitar
Karel Ružicka, piano
Zbigniew Wegehaupt, double bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums

Interlanding (1985)

Relationship between Polish and Scandinavian jazz are numerous and well known in contrast to links between Polish and Czech jazz. But they have one thing in common: there are among these collaborations the projects of the highest artistic caliber. This truth certainly applies to this disc which upon its rehearsal left me stupefied! Recorded in 1985 it sounds as fresh and forward-thinking as if it was done yesterday. 

Who was responsible for this awesome session? The leader of this project is Rudolf Dasek, born in 1933, a Czech guitarist who seems to me rather unknown outside his country. In 60ties he established trio with George Mraz but unlike this famous bassist he never left Czechoslovakia and consequently didn't make big international career. But believe me, in purely musical terms, he is equally outstanding artist as his having more luck compatriot. What astonishes in Dasek style is his versatility: he feels equally at ease in a typical mainstream play as when he starts experimenting. His sound if full, superbly articulated, his phrasing is rich and imaginative. To be honest though I admire Polish jazz a lot I simply do not find a guitarist of similar talent on our scene! 

That Dasek is the premium class artist is also evidenced by choice of musicians he invited for this session. Karel Ruzicka, a Czech pianist, is perhaps a little better known than Dasek himself. On Czech jazz scene he is a giant as much as, say, Jaromir Honzak or Otto Hejnic (I leave Miroslav Vitous in the same category as George Mraz since they both left country). His piano play is perfect supplement for leader's guitar: compassionate, alert, charismatic. 

Like Mal Waldron, Kenny Draw or most of all Ahmed Jamal Ruzicka is capable of perfectly linking soloing instrument (in this case guitar) with rhythm section. It consists of two great players: best known of all American drummer Andrew Cyrille and Polish bassist Zbigniew Wegehaupt. Cyrille does not need introduction since he is a legend of avantgarde jazz drumming. As for Wegehaupt I can say about him the same I did about Ruzicka and Dasek: though he never made international career he was simply outstanding musician. In terms of bass players he was one of the best in Poland if not THE best. He played on Zbigniew Seifert's 'Kilimanjaro' and also colaborated with Zbigniew Namysłowski and Tomasz Stańko. You can easily find him on our Polish-Jazz blog as he played on hundreds recordings in Poland. 

Althogether these gentlemen created music that is as inspiring as fresh. Rooted in bop jazz, saturated by European influences of classical and chamber music, it looked far ahead and could be easily seen as important as works by Derek Bailey, Joe Morris or, recently, Mary Halvorson. Outstanding achievement!

By Maciej Nowotny

1. Kocicí ocí - Olhos de gato (Carla Bley) 08:38
2. Jako vcera - Like Yesterday (Rudolf Dašek) 06:28
3. Fašank - Fashank (Rudolf Dašek) 08:44
4. Nech to tak - Let it stay (Karel Ružicka) 05:36
5. Vše,co zustalo - Everything That's Left (Rudolf Dašek) 06:57
6. Mezipristani - Inter-Landing (Rudolf Dašek) 09:12

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