Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Janusz Zdunek + Marienburg - Jedzie (2012) by Adam Baruch

Janusz Zdunek + Marienburg

Janusz Zdunek - trumpet, synthesizers, electronics

Ireneusz Kaczmar - bass guitar, sitarra
Rafał Baca - drums, percussion

Jedzie (2012)

This is the 3rd album by Polish trumpeter Janusz Zdunek and his ensemble Marienburg, which includes bassist Ireneusz Kaczmar and drummer Rafal Baca. The eight tracks on the album were all composed by Zdunek.

Zdunek, who was a prominent member of the Yass movement which flourished in Poland in the 1990s, continues his musical quest using similar approach to the original Yass formula, i.e. combining Jazz and Rock elements and creating improvisation-based instrumental music. His trumpet playing technique is quite accomplished, but he rarely moves away from the main melody line, staying safely within the mainstream limitations. The melodies are pretty straight-forward, as is the strong grove, which pulsates steadily, changing rhythmic patterns between Reggae, Rock and Jazz. The rhythm section also keeps things very straight-forward, often with clockwork precision.

Basically the modus operandi of the album stays pretty set, with the melody line being introduced at the start of each tune, followed by an improvised section, on top of a steady, almost danceable, rhythmic background often repeated in a drone fashion. Zdunek plays some great notes overall, but they are not enough to keep the entire album interesting for an entire span of its duration.

Some people will surely find this music greatly enjoyable for sure, and that is perfectly fine, but I can't find anything innovative or inspiring here, so my advice would be: listen and then decode for yourself. Trumpet aficionados watch out!

By Adam Baruch

Track listing: 1 Oj nie; 2 Past Post; 3 Jedzie Preludium; 4 Jedzie wolny; 5 Jedzie Lab; 6 Jedzie On; 7 Trytony; 8 Od ślubu

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