Thursday, September 6, 2012

Olbrzym i Kurdupel - Six Philosophical Games (Electric Eye, 2012) by Adam Baruch

Olbrzym i Kurdupel (duo)

Marcin Bożek - bass guitar
Tomek Gadecki - tenor saxophone

Six Philosophical Games (Electric Eye, 2012)

This is the 2nd album by Polish Free Jazz / Improvised Music duo Olbrzym I Kurdupel ("Giant And Tiny" in Polish, referring to their physical appearance), which comprises of saxophonist Tomasz Gadecki and bassist Marcin Bozek. Their debut, recorded in 2008, was an EP, which was warmly received at the time. The album includes six improvised pieces, co-credited to the duo members.

This album presents another glimpse at the Polish Free Jazz / Improvised Music scene, which is thriving in the last decade. Musicians all over Poland perform in clubs and art centers, which are dedicated solely to this kind of music, release many albums and play with top international artists. Such vigorous activity is absent almost completely from the contemporary scene in other countries.

The music is intensive and complex, demanding total dedication from the listener in order to achieve the same level of intensity as the musicians. Both musicians converse constantly, exchanging ideas on the fly and try to compliment each other rather than compete with each other. The bassist uses the bass guitar exclusively, which enables him to be much more flexible and versatile that upright bass players. The saxophonist has a wide tonal range and well developed improvisation skills. Together they create music, which is absorbing and rewarding to listeners willing to make the effort this kind of music requires.

This album is definitely worth investigation for listeners of Free Jazz / Improvised Music, especially those living in places that these genres are almost nonexistent on the local scene.

By Adam Baruch

Tracklisting: Game 1 play with us a drummer; Game 2 get into a hot bath and listen with your ...; Game 3 sit comfortably in a cosy armchair, let ...; Game 4 listen to the whole part after a long run; Game 5 listen with someone You know well; Game 6 let's dance solo or in pairs

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