Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hans Peter Salentin - Blue Window (2012)

Hans Peter Salentin - trumpet

Kuba Stankiewicz - piano
Roman Chraniuk - bass
Marcin Jahr - drums
Julia Sawicka - vocal

Cheryl Pyle Flute/ Vocal / Lyrics on Track 6)
Dirk Rumig Bassclarinett ( Track 1/3/5)

Blue Window (2012)

Hans Peter Salentin is a trumpeter from Germany who visited Poland for the first time approx. 20 years ago. He particpated then as a teacher in Pulawy Jazz Workshops where he met with such giants of Polish scene as Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski or Henryk Majewski. Acquaintances he made there resulted in the tours with such prominent Polish players like Jarosław Śmietana, Piotr Baron, Zbigniew Namyslowski or Jacek Niedziela. He collaborated also with Zbigniew Wegehaupt and Cezary Konrad playing concerts and performing during festivals or workshops.

Few years ago while teaching at Leszno workshop Salentin refreshed again some of connections with his long time friends in Poland, among them pianist Kuba Stankiewicz, and met vocalist Julia Sawicka who was one of the organizers of this workshop. Subsequently Sawicka invited him to play on her debut album "Breathing Space" (2011). This experience was so fruitful that they decided to meet all again this time on Salentin's own project "Blue Window". Apart from Sawicka and Stankiewicz he invited to this session bassist Roman Chraniuk and drummer Marcin Jahr. This line-up was completed by American flutist / vocalists Cheryl Pyle  and German clarinetist Dirk Rumig, musicians with whom Salentin's collaborated on his previous projects. 

The music on this album is gentle, tender and relaxing in mood. It was composed after Fukushima and is dedicated by Salentin (who composed all tunes but one) to his Japanese and Polish friends. The innocent emotionality which pervades this music redeems the predictability of its form. Well-placed in the mainstream of jazz it is reminiscent of some of Chet Baker best works which though not perfect from musical point of view were nonetheless deeply moving because of its straighforwardness and authencity. 

By Maciej Nowotny

Tracklisting: 1 Blue Window 2 Mongolian Song 3 Greenwall 4 Mr. B Was Here 5 Lake of Unspoken Words 6 Wishes and Dreams 7 Trip Down Memory Lane 8 Over the Years ( Tokyo) 9 All the Things You Are

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