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Remont Pomp feat. Mikolaj Trzaska, Mike Majkowski - Zlota Platyna (2012)

Remont Pomp feat. Mikolaj Trzaska, Mike Majkowski

Remont Pomp composed of:
Magdalena Spaleniak - djembe, bass drum, table, barrels.
Izabela Romińska - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Wojciech Birtus - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Sebastian Włodarek - djembe, table, barrels.
Oskar Małolepszy - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Jacek Ćeślicki - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Groszek Stanilewicz - percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Jarosław Marciszewski - bass drum, table, barrels, guitars.
Tomasz Antonowicz - djembe, table, barrels.
Clement Quelin - djembe, table, barrels.
Helena Baklagina - djembe, percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Pedro Gata Gonzalez - djembe, percussion instruments, table, barrels.
Jan Skiba - percussion instruments, table, barrels.

Special guests:
Mikołaj Trzaska - saks. alt, saks. tenor c.
Mike Majkowski - double bass

Zlota Platyna (2012)

Personally I never treated jazz only as music but I always look at it from wider perspective: social, spiritual, existential. That's whu  I like when it manifests its involvement, when it takes sides, pronounces some statement. There are great musicians in Poland which regardless their high skills cope with problem of saying something significant, individual and unique. They should look to example set by Mikołaj Trzaska who has no such a problem at all! 

His projects are well thought, coherent and they always brings some personal, artistic message to the recipient. Let's look at just some of his recent albums (and we have wide choice as he is incredible prolific): "Zikaron - Lefanay" (2012) exploring Polish-Jewish musical tradition, "Breathing Steam" (2011) with Swell, Holmlander, Daisy exploring avantjazz space, "Goosetalks" (2010) with Brotzmann and Bauer influenced by European chamber and classical music, "Last Train To The First Station" (2011) with Vandermark and Zimpel paying hommage to the bop roots of modern avantgarde and "Dom Zły" (2010) an excellent sound track to brilliant film by Wojtek Smarzewski.

"Złota Platyna" is yet something completely different! Remont Pomp (transl. Repair Of Pumps) is a orchestra which operates under auspicies of Polish Association For Mentally Disabled in Gdańsk. It was created by Jacek Marciszewski who created this project in order to help the treatment of patients in this center. The group works since 2004 but in purely musical terms the breakthrough for them happened in 2011 when they were joined by saxophonist Mikołaj Trzaska. Trzaska with assistence of American bassist Mike Majkowski helped to make music from the sounds this orchestra produced. They gave it direction, form, structure so powerful that it deserves attention regardless its praiseworthy human context. 

The main accent lays of course on Trzaska saxophone. With years passing his sound has become more and more personal. Though it retains typical free jazz aggressivness (with major influences in persons of Albert Ayler, Peter Brotzmann or Ken Vandermark) yet it gained something very distinct in recent years: a drop of Jewish nostalgy and Polish melancholy which made it something totally unique. It works fine with rhythm as supplied by rest of musicians, including patients of this center, and one can only wonder how spontaneous and authentic they sound on this recording. Excellent job was by rhythm masters that is Majkowski and Marciszewski. All in all, this is jazz at its best as much musically as from any other point of view!

By Maciej Nowotny

About project:

More music: 

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