Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pendofsky – Pendofsky (2014)


Marcin Kajper - saxophone
Przemysław Kostrzewa - trumpet
Krzysztof Kawałko - guitar
Marcin Cichocki - keyboards
Marcin Pendowski - bass
Tomasz Wałdowski - drums



By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album as a leader by the Polish bassist/composer Marcin Pendowski, who started his career as a rock musician (as a member of the band Artrosis), but later on cooperated with many Polish Jazz musicians as well. On this album he presents ten original compositions recorded with a core group of musicians, which includes guitarist Krzysztof Kawałko, saxophonist Marcin Kajper, trumpeter Przemysław Kostrzewa, keyboardist Marcin Cichocki, drummer Tomasz Wałdowski and several guest artists. On the album Pendowski plays on two old electric basses manufactured in Czechoslovakia (Jolana Diamant) and Poland (Defil Mamba) during the Socialist regime, which have a very specific ambience.

The music is a great mixture of Jazz-Rock Fusion, Funk, Soul, Grove and superb retro / vintage sounding pieces, which are almost never played these days by anybody. The arrangements and instrumentation, including the Hammond organ and the in-sync unisono brass section, the airy guitars and the fantastic bass sound are simply irresistible. Of course the best part is the fact that although this is truly enjoyable music, it is also of the highest quality, with great melodies, riffs and interesting arrangements, supported by virtuosic instrumental work.

This music could be an ideal partner for a long car drive, a club setting or a groovy party with your friends, and it would fit all these diverse surroundings perfectly. I must admit that it was quite a while since I enjoyed myself that much listening to an album. Hopefully this won't be a one off, as that would be a true shame. We need more honest and fun music like this in this world full of phony pretentious garbage.

I wholeheartedly recommend this album to people who really love music and are able to enjoy it in full, without inhibitions. For bass aficionados this is a must of course. Very well done Sir, chapeau!

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