Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wojciech Myrczek – We'll Be Together Again (2010)

Wojciech Myrczek

Wojciech Myrczek - vocals
Marcin Kaletka - saxophone
Michał Wierba - piano
Michał Kapczuk - bass
Sebastian Kuchczyński - drums

We'll Be Together Again

SST 002

By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by Polish Jazz vocalist Wojciech Myrczek, recorded with his quintet which also includes saxophonist Marcin Kaletka, pianist Michał Wierba, bassist Michał Kapczuk and drummer Sebastian Kuchczyński. The album, recorded at Polish Radio Katowice, presents seven vocal Jazz standards.

Myrczek has a beautiful classic Jazz voice and his talent is immediately apparent even on this early recording, which obviously does not display his full palette, which he learned over time, as evident on his duo album with pianist with Paweł Tomaszewski, recorded four years later ("Love Revisited"). He does show his ability to learn the tricks of the trade, moving freely between singing lyrics (in English, problematic but tolerable), scat or vocally imitating bass lines.

On this album Myrczek still lacks his own personal style and expression, obviously imitating a plethora of influences and searching for the most appropriate path to find his own way. Nevertheless it still is a solid debut album, especially in view of the fact that male vocalists are a rare commodity on the Polish Jazz scene.

The instrumental support Myrczek receives from his cohorts is also very solid, nothing sensational but well played and supportive of him as a soloist. Wierba is the most gifted player and the players are all used to play together as members of the Wierba/Schmidt Quintet, therefore their performance as a unit is quite predictable.

Overall this album is a nice effort, capturing a young vocalist at the early stage of his career, which remains as a nice document of his musical biography.

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