Friday, October 3, 2014

Marek Jakubowski Trio – Patient And Stubborn (2014)

Marek Jakubowski Trio

Adam Bieranowski - piano
Piotr Max Wiśniewski - double bass
Marek Jakubowski - drums, percussion

Patient And Stubborn


By Adam Baruch

This is the second album by the fabulous young Polish Jazz drummer/composer Marek Jakubowski, recorded with the same trio that recorded the sensational debut ("My Own…") just a few months earlier, which includes pianist Adam Bieranowski and bassist Piotr Max Wisniewski. The album comprises of eleven original compositions, all by Jakubowski, two of which are short interludes and the rest are fully developed pieces.

Everything I already wrote in my review of the debut applies yet again to this album. Jakubowski's compositions are all little gems, beautifully melodic and harmonic and yet completely non-trivial and full of twists and turns. The strength of the material is consistent and diverse, which makes listening to this album a real pleasure. This compositional attitude is a wonderful example of how mainstream Jazz can still be creative and inventive.

The level of execution is also excellent from start to finish with Bieranowski displaying incredible lyricism and delicate touch, which result in elegant and intelligent delivery. Wisniewski is supportive and his solos are beautifully modest and concise. Jakubowski is a very versatile drummer, using an array of different sounds produced by his sticks and brushes, always at the appropriate volume and fitting the music ideally. This trio is emerging as one of the classic piano trios on the Polish scene, following in the footsteps of the established leaders like RGG or Marcin Wasilewski's trio.

The album is very well recorded and its sonic quality contributes greatly to the overall result, creating is a superb piano trio achievement, which many listeners around the world could enjoy. It is great to see that Jakubowski and his trio managed to repeat their success yet again and hopefully thy will continue to do so in the future. I can't wait to hear more of this music!

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