Saturday, October 25, 2014

Polish Jazz All Stars 2013 !!!

On our blog we try to present you with the richness of our jazz scene. One of its peculiarities is that both musicians and critics are very open to what is in jazz experimental, avantgarde and free. That's why when few years ago Łukasz Kępiński, a friend of mine with whom we both worked at that time at RadioJAZZ.FM (now he resides in Glasgow), asked me what I think about him preparing the mixtape with Polish jazz I immediately became enthusiastic and at the same time started to persuade him to mix Polish contemporary jazz music. I wanted especially for foreign public to be able to get acquainted with this incredible resurgence of creativity that took place here in last few years. 

But it was not without problems. Old recordings are much easier accessible. It is not only that it is easier to find them but also in purely musical terms it was more simple to mix the music of past decades as it was more predictable as far as tempos, duration of pieces and general form are concerned. So I asked a lot from Łukasz and he correctly judged he needs some time and his first tapes contained a very tasty mix of new and old mainstream recordings that found its way to ears of few thousands (sic!) listeners both in Poland and abroad (check this link to listen to them). However when I saw this mixtape released I was especially excited as clearly Łukasz decided it is a time to confront himself with very ambitious task of mixing what is the newest, most daring and fresh in Polish jazz music NOW! Interestingly the music he chose for this tape is largely coincident with what we as a Polish Jazz Blog team picked up as the best albums of 2013 (check link for our Polish Jazz Top Ten Albums 2013). So in this way by listening this great tape in a bit more than an hour you can also discover for yourself what was the best in Polish jazz (according to us) last year!

Maciej Nowotny (Chief Editor of Polish Jazz Blog)

The tracklist:
1. Maciej Fortuna & Krzysztof Dys - Gravitas Minor (Tropy, Fortuna Music, 2013)
2. Waclaw Zimpel Quartet - Old Feet Feel Out The Path (Stone Fog, For Tune, 2013)
3. Obara International - Kattorna (Komeda, For Tune, 2013)
4. Hunger Pangs - Kiks (Meet Meat, For Tune, 2013)
5. RGG - Mazurka Op. 50 No. 1 (Szymanowski, Fonografika, 2013)
6. Hera With Hamid Drake - Sounds Of Balochistan (Seven Lines, Multikulti Project, 2013)
7. Nor Cold - Madre: The Adolescence (Nor Cold, Multikulti Project, 2013)
8. Magnolia Acoustic Quartet - Tale (Boozer, For Tune, 2013)
9. Mikrokolektyw - Dream About The One (Absent Minded, Delmark Records, 2013)
10. Power Of The Horns - Psalm For William Parker (Alaman, For Tune, 2013)

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