Monday, June 11, 2012

Alber-Strobel – Henryk Alber & Janusz Strobel (Polish Jazz Vol.85 Deluxe, 1972)

Alber-Strobel (duo)

Henryk Alber - guitar
Janusz Strobel - guitar

Henryk Alber & Janusz Strobel (Polish Jazz Vol.85 Deluxe, 1972)

This is the debut album by Polish acoustic guitar duo Alber-Strobel with guitarists / composers Henryk Alber and Janusz Strobel. The duo was quite an unusual phenomenon on the Polish Jazz scene, as they opted for playing in the intimate duet format and completely acoustically, whereas most guitarists opted of course for the electric version of the instrument. They played a mixture of original compositions and well known, mostly Brazilian pieces, composed by the best Brazilian composers. The elaborate arrangements and obvious virtuosic performances make this album an obvious choice for listeners, who love the acoustic guitar and South American flavor in music. Although only marginally Jazz per se, the element of improvisation is very strongly present here and it is one of the earliest examples of Polish Jazz-World Fusion. Definitely worth investigation!

Track listing:
1. Czarny Orfeusz - Orfeo Negro (L. Bonfa) [03:07]; 2. Se Acasso Voce Chegasse (L. Rodrigues) [02:19]; 3. Mossa (A.C. Jobim) [03:57]; 4. Motyle - La Mariposta (J. Strobel) [03:10]; 5. Samba (brazylijska melodia ludowa) [02:47]; 6. Walc Nr 1 - Valse No. 1 (A. Laura) [02:08]; 7. Taniec brazylijski Danza (H. Villa-Lobos) [02:06]; 8. Felicidade (A.C. Jobim) [03:17]; 9. Dindi (A.C. Jobim) [02:30]; 10. Romans miłosny - Romanca d'amore [03:32]; 11. Samba Dees Days (C. Byrd) [02:02]; 12. Ł [03:05]; 13. Uściski - un abraco no Bonfa (G. Gilberto) [01:44]; 14. Odeon (E. Nazareth) [04:06]

By Adam Baruch

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