Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mazzoll, Knuth & Artythmic Memory - Cynober Manifest (1997)

Mazzoll (Jerzy Mazolewski) - Cl, Bcl, Voc, conducting

Maciej Cieslak - Guit, Voc
Adam Kaminski - Synth, G, Sampl
Piotr Pawlak - Pedal Guit
Wojciech II Mazzoll - 6str Bass
Jacek Puchalski - Live Electronics, Joy Od Sound
Robert Knuth - Voice,rainchord
Alfred Harth - Voice, Whistle, Reeds
Elbieta Maciarewicz - Vocal
Anna Siwiec - Vocal
D.J. PBM - Train Dat & Cd
Mikolaj Szajna - Keyboard
Iliao O' Tuoala - Voice
Weanij O' Tuoala - Voice

Cynober Manifest (1997)

Person you may like or not but his work one can only admire. Mazzoll as really very few other musicians in Poland consistently has been looking for what is new and surprising in jazz. Or better say contemporary music since in his case it is better not to impose any superfcial limits for music genres. Everything here is incredibly mixed up and yet perfectly coherent. Free improvisation, ambient, jazz, electronic music all coexist together with recitation, singing and (presumably) dancing, theatre, picture and other art activities. Encompassing listener totally this music however does not put stress upon novelty solely, its main reason is not to shock, but rather it focuses on authencity, straighforwardness and spontaineity of relationship with recipient. My soul do resonate to such a message. You should definitely check this out to discover what shall be your reaction?...

1 C. M. (Wietrzni Kochankowie)
2 ....A Wieczorem Po Cichu Nowy Taniec....
3 Moment LOM
4 Arhytmic Memory
5 Diffusion Ambient Pictures Fatamorgana
6 Woda Źródłem Życia
7 Przeciw Przemocy Cz. I
8 Gegen Gewalt Vol. II
9 Against Violence Part III
10 Endless Love
11 Midnight Shakespeare
12 Aminio O'Tuoala

By Maciej Nowotny

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