Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kose, Holownia, Jonkisz, Suchanek - Just Friends (2009)

Kose, Holownia, Jonkisz, Suchanek

Sibel Köse - vocal
Bogdan Holownia - piano
Bronislaw Suchanek - bass
Kazimierz Jonkisz drums

Just Friends (2009)

Turkish singer Sibel Kose backed by Polish top rhythm section in persons of double bassist Bronisław Suchanek and drummer Kazimierz Jonkich, together with pianist Bogdan Hołownia, deliver what may be described as perfect piece of classical jazz music. What I mean by this term? Music that does not pretend to be living and contemporary but reproduces with love and dedication what jazz was in golden era during 50ties and 60ties last century. To rehearse this music is as to listen in philharmony to works of Mozart, Beethoven and Mahler. We do not expect novelty but a reproduction as close to the spirit of the original as possible. And looking from such point of view this music in really damn good! 

Track listing:

1. That old feeling
2. Tis autumn
3. Indian summer
4. Just friends
5. Reminiscence
6. If you never come to me
7. For all we know
8. I've got the world on a string

By Maciej Nowotny 

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