Thursday, June 28, 2012

Perplex - Newborn (1995)

Perplex (band)

Yeshy Mazzoll - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Heinrich 'Doc' Chastca - Bass
Stefan Hölker - Percussion

  Newborn (1995)

Jerzy Mazzoll, a bass clarinetist, improviser, leader of such significant bands as Artythmic Perfection and Niebieski Lotnik, one of creators of yass movement is basically unknown outside Poland. The closest to changing this situation he probably was when recorded this album. In 1995, at the hayday of yass movement, he left Poland for some time and went to Western Europe. He met there with famous avantgarde drummer Tony Oxley and established connection with his then ongoing project called Celebration Orchestra. This meeting resulted in Mazzoll creating a band called Perplex which comprised muscians related to above mentioned Orchestra that is a drummer Stefan Hölker and bassist Heinrich Chastca. Tony Oxley has produced this album. 

The outcome of this cooperation is interesting and marks important stage in development of Mazzoll ideas. This stage may be described as departure from punk rock influenced beginnings of yass movement toward modern improvised music rooted in atonal classics as well as in avant jazz and... Mazzoll own ideas. Interesingly unlike other protagonists of yass movement grouped in Miłość band Mazzoll decided not to use in this music typical mainstream or free jazz language. By making such a decision he may be seen as forerunner of today's revival of improvised music in Poland which clearly goes in direction he so many years before pointed out.

Let me finally add a few words by Tony Oxley about this album:"Whilst you are contemplaiting this disc, you might already have at least some idea of what you wont hear. This is always a most important moment - what will I hear? ... Each piece taking on its own identity, sudden shift of sound and texture, the essence of improvised activity."

Track listing:
1. Jump On One Leg 3:14
2. Sp - One 0:15
3. Sp - Two 0:31
4. Sp - Three 0:21
5. Sp - Four 0:24
6. Sp - Five 1:09
7. Sp - Six 0:52
8. Frolic 4:31
9. Newborn 3:30
10. Picnic 4:50
11. Tibet 7:03
12. Mister T:O 1:48
13. Arhytmic 3:11
14. Cosmic 0:26
15. Nostalgia C 6:53
16. Ceciliade 5:10
17. Pulsate 2:28
18. In Ourselves 3:03
19. Puzzle 4:27
20. No Stress 3:27
21. Scorpians Dance 3:43
22. Sanctify 3:01
23. Jewish - Polka 1:57

By Maciej Nowotny

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