Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jerzy Malek - By Five (Not Two, 2001)

Jerzy Małek - trumpet, composer

Tomasz Grzegorski - tenor saxophone
Michał Tokaj - piano
Romuald Twarożek - bass
Sebastian Frankiewicz - drums
Marek Romanowski - trombone

By Five (Not Two, 2001)

Though relatively young Jerzy Małek may be seen as one of champions of maisntream jazz trupet in Poland along such musicians as Piotr Wojtasik or Robert Majewski. His line as virtuosic as play by above mentioned masters but at the same time may be characterized as lighter, effortless and bolder. While Robert Majewski and Piotr Wojtasik like to play on blue note like say Miles Davis. Małek prefers more energetic style highly indebted in type of music as performed by Lee Morgan, Fats Navarro or Booker Little. In general his play is much more "black", emotional and straight-forward than any other trumpeter in Poland and that is perhaps why he sounds so attractive to my ear.

As I said before Małek is already key player on our scene which may be evidenced by his latest album "Air" (2011) recorded with star pianist Marcin Wasilewski. But this album issued in 2001 and being his debut shows that he was playing very well from the beginning. Regardless of years that has passed it sounds fresh and brings fully satisfactory listening experience. Big merit in it shall be claimed by Małek partners, then as young musicians as he himself, who subsequently made significant careers on their own like first of all excellent pianist Michał Tokaj. But the same applies to saxophonist Tomek Grzegorski and drummer Sebastian Stankiewicz. Trombonist Marek Romanowski and bassist Romuald Twarożek has somewhat vanished from our scene but on this recording they prove to be no worse musicians than their more fortunate colleagues. All in all, listening to this one is no less but pure joy.

1. Kolo Look For The Chicken
2. Parnas Mood
3. Say Yes
4. Olivia
5. Day Of Dusk
6. By Five
7. Quite Unaware
8. Confession

By Maciej Nowotny

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