Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wojtek Traczyk - Free Solo (Multikulti, 2012)

Wojtek Traczyk - double bass 

Free Solo (Multikulti, 2012)

"I have recently rediscovered the simple yet easily forgotten truth that the path to what I look for in art leads through total commitment almost loosing oneself letting go of ambition and ego yet not backing down staying driven and focused and playing always playing playing sounds playing the sounds that I hear in my head and focusing sounds coming from above and sending them forth like a giant letter L. 
L for Love.
Performing solo pulls me out of everyday lif and puts me out there in that high place of danger and awareness that I long for risking everything giving everything not knowing yet believing and brings purification and freedom that is so hard to find." (Wojtek Traczyk) 

source: linear notes

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  1. Just wanted to say that I thought this was terrific. Lots of passion, and a great balance between atonal and tonal. Really nice. I checked Amazon but the CD isn't listed yet (at time of writing). Good luck with it!


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