Friday, June 22, 2012

Niebieski Lotnik - Love Surprise (2000)

Niebieski Lotnik (band)

Mazzoll - clarinet, tao te bells
Tomasz Gwinciński - drums
Wojciech Mazolewski - bass guitar

Love Surprise (2000)

I guess that title which may be translated as "Blue Pilot" refers in typical for Mazzoll ironic way to Holy Spirit. And it is fully justified! As on best recordings with "black jazz" this music is authentic, spontaneous and free. Yet it is very important to underline that this affinity with great recordings of Afroamerican jazz is only in spirit not in form of music which is something original and by no means imitation or counterfeit (as in many cases in European version of jazz). This is what we call in Poland yass: distantly rooted in jazz, sometimes directly opposite to it, taking very much from European classics but also rock, pop and folk. Probably the most interesting music phenomenon in Polish music in twenty or so years. If you are interested in it this is perfect starting point as this album maybe be seen as one of the most important for the movement (together with albums by groups like Miłość, Maestro Trytony or Arhytmic Perfection). 

The band consists of three musicians of whom dominant remains Jerzy Mazzoll playing on bass clarinet. If you ever listened to Eric Dolphy you will immadietely recognize by whom he is inspired. His improvisations are free but not without directions. He is an accomplished musician in every sense and his charsima keeps all these material together. But the success of this album would be impossible without excellent rhythm section which follows his meandering line. On bass guitar we find his younger brother Wojtek Mazolewski who later made stunning carrer with his band Pink Freud and guitarist Tomek Gwińciński who however on this album plays mainly on drums. Their support is first class and these three gentlemen rock and roll so hard that I cannot do anything else than wholeheartedly recommend this album!

Track listing:
1. Gdze jest B
2. Nabożeństwo godzi
3. Ryba piła
4. Sypiając z wrogiem
5. Stare dobre czasy?
6. Goły okiem
7. Spruty ja sweter
8. Nowa rasa ps
9. Bezołowiowa woda
10. R
11. Święta lutownica
12. Morskie potwory powracają do domu
13. Podkoszulki mistrz
14. Twarz kt
15. Zwierzęta domowe (kr
16. Nie wierzę skąd jestem
17. Boże ofiara (śmierć w

By Maciej Nowotny

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