Friday, June 8, 2012

Mazzoll & Arythmic Perfection - Out Out To Lunch (1996)

Mazzoll & Arythmic Perfection (band)

Jerzy Mazzoll — Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Vocal
Janusz Zdunek — Trumpet
Slawomir Janicki — Bass
Tomasz Gwincinski — Drums
Jacek Majewski — Percussion

Out Out Lunch (1996)

When measured by ratio of quality of artistic output Jerzy Mazzoll should be treated as one of most important figures on Polish improvised music scene. Unfortunately public recognition of his works does not follow their artistic significance. This album is good example of this disparity: almost unknown as much in Poland as abroad it is one of few in Poland true and succesful tributes to Eric Dolphy groundbreaking attitude towards jazz music as evidenced by legendary "Out To Lunch". Though clearly referring to Dolphy life's work it bounces out of its limits as suggested by additional OUT in disc title. Its direction is no specific aesthetics but rather towards free form expressing artists' spirituality. 

Although Mazzoll clarinet is crucial to sound of whole ensamble his partners input is no less important. Tomek Gwinciński on drums, Sławek Janicki on bass, Jacek Majewski on percussions and Janusz Zdunek on trumpet. These were all one of most unsetlled music souls in Poland, perhaps not always that proficient as musicians who excelled in mainstream jazz, yet through their work they preserved what is alive in modern jazz. Their dedication way key factor in XXI century revival of free jazz in Poland. 

1. Boskie Przeświadczenie
2. Pierścionek Geodety
3. Ślinka W Kącikach Ust
4. Języki Ognia
5. I Tak Gdy Spojrzeliśmy
6. Słodycz Beznadziejnych Dni
7. Serdeczne Męki
8. Boliwijski Gniot (Rzecz O Odnalezieniu Boskiego Oblicza)
9. Smutna Kozica Górska (Wg. Utworu "Miłość Nie Zna Granic" Grupy M&AP)
10. Obudździe Się!!!

By Maciej Nowotny

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