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Laboratorium - Zdrowie na budowie (2006)

Laboratorium (band)

Janusz Grzywacz / piano, Fender Rhodes, Arp Odyssey synthesiser
Marek Stryszowski / vocal, alto sax, soprano sax
Paweł Ścierański / guitar
Krzysztof Ścierański / bass guitar
Mieczysław Górka / drums
Wacław Łoziński - flute (11, 12)
Maciej Górski - bass (11, 12)

Zdrowie na budowie (2006)

Laboratorium is legendary band in Polish Jazz and by no accident. In terms of moulding together pop, rock, funk and jazz influences it outpaced all other bands in Poland by light years. Listening to their music is as travel in time when all of sudden one finds itself back in 70ties. Great period generally for Polish culture if not somewhat surprisingly especially when taking into account that it was not then fully independent and democratic country. This travel is made possible by this astonishing disc which issued in 2006 comprises previously unreleased material recorded between 1974-78. Its quality is absolutely stellar! All is perfect here: musicians, tunes, mood. It swings, it rock, it rolls. Like hell! And regardless of years passing... Wholeheartadly recommended!

1. Zdrowie na budowie (8:05)
2. Północna samotnia (4:44)
3. Cichy kącik (4:29)
4. Dove (4:40)
5. Brzózka (2:24)
6. Za piętnastą górą (5:30)
7. My z Julkiem (3:06)
8. Madonna z Poręby (7:28)
9. Długie zimowe wieczory (6:05)
10. Złota rybka i lustereczko (6:12)
11. Nowe szaty króla (4:33)
12. Lolokuki (5:18)
13. Euschaustor (6:22)

By Maciej Nowotny

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