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Andrzej Przybielski - W sferze dotyku (In the sphere of touch) (1984)

Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet

W sferze dotyku (In the sphere of touch) (1984)

I was always fascinated by a person of Doubting Thomas. Unlike majority of people he seemed to me no stupid and vulgar man who could not believe in Jesus resurrection. I felt that in deepest sense his desire to actually touch his Master is the essence of humanity. Because in the sphere created by touch all most important human affairs are taking place. Starting from mothers hug soon after our birth. To first kiss exchanged between lovers. First blow you receive from enemies. And so on until the end when we can only pray to have some friendly soul to eventually close our eyes.

But can one somehow touch music? Well, I may surprise you, but I think it is possible. When music really touches me not only my mind answers but my body resonates as well. Honestly without my body answering to such a call by stepping, dancing, moving around I feel a bit like Doubting Thomas. I simply do not believe in music which leave me bodyless, ethereal, unreal. I am flesh and bone. I live and one day I will die. Music invades my soma and we are both in kind of erotical relation.

Well, I believe I will stop here. What is the point of talking about all these things? No point obviously. It is only a pretext to cast more light on music whose rehearsal is no ordinary experience. Music which touches innermost of my soul and trancends this moment into. Into what? Check it for yourself. Confront yourself with piece of art that is overstepping all boundaries of muscical genres, of space, of time. Clearly one of the most powerful recordings in history of Polish Jazz remains uknknown almost to everybody as much in Poland as abroad. Obscure to the absurd point that it is impossible for me to reconstruct the full line-up of of musicians who took part in this astonishing session. I know for sure only that it featured trumpeter Andrzej Przybielski. If you want to get to know more about him check my review of his "Open Session" (2011) or Adam Baruch's text about "De Profundis" (2011). Hero he was and damned, cursed, rejected. Two years after his death no less than throughout his whole life.

Track listing: 1. Promotion 2. Krzykousty 3. Free Bop Towarzyski 4. Big Jack 5. W Sferze Dotyku 6. On

Full album:

By Maciej Nowotny

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