Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pieces Of Brain - Arythmic Visible Music (2004)

Pieces Of Brain (band)

Jerzy Mazzoll - clarinet, bass clarinet
Jon Dobie - guitar, alto sax
Sławek Janicki - double bass
Jacek Majewski - drums, percussions

Arythmic Visible Music (2004)

This is another album recorded by cooperative of clarinetist Jerzy Mazzoll, double bassist Sławek Janicki and drummer/percussionist Jacek Majewski. Their first record was released in 2001 under title "Crash The Car, Daddy" with "From The Beginning To The End" following in 2003 and this one in 2004. With one album to follow the whole project was then put on hold by artist, at least in terms of releasing new recordings, to be continued only this year by new disc "Minimalover" (2012). 

All these albums are similar to each other as they develop idea of "arythmic brain". What is is? I have no idea idea and honestly I don't care. I believe it is simply kind of style as displayed by this ensemble, mostly imposed by Mazzoll charismatic presence. It can be described as experimental, spiritual and ecstatic. At best moments though! At less succesfull it is simply chaotic, with no direction, unintelligible. Fortunately on all this recordings these is enough those first moments to reedem occasional present of the second. Eventually they remain testimony to group of probably most tiresome avantgardists on our scene. Who however paid for their intransigence with very little understanding for their ouvre among fellow musicians, even less among critics and audience.

The highlight of this album is Jon Dobie presence. He is known for long term collaboration with Peter Brotzmann. His work on guitar fits perfectly with full ensamble. Total focus on producing landscapes of scratches, squeaks and wheezing is balanced with similarly total negligence of any structure or direction. I admire the effort but from tone of my text you probably already see that I am not great enthusiast of such a language...

City Of Bones; Darker Than Night; Our Homeland: Goodness, Goodness, Goodness; Crash The Car, Daddy; A Murder Of Crows; Mischief Of Rats; Indications Of Trauma; Accidents And Emergencies.

By Maciej Nowotny

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