Thursday, June 28, 2012

Piotr Lemanczyk - Freep (2005)

Piotr Lemanczyk

Piotr Lemańczyk - double bass
Maciek Grzywacz - guitar
Jacek Kochan - drums
Jakob Dinesen - tenor sax
Zbigniew Namysłowski - alto sax (3, 8)

Freep (2005)

Piotr Lemańczyk belongs to best musicians in Poland playing mainstream jazz. All his projects are very similar to each other in terms of concept and sound. It is basically one album even if issued on many CDs and featuring different line-up. This changes in personell are thus very important and Lemańczyk being aware of that carefully picks up his collaborators. He already recorded with Jerry Bergonzi, Tim Hagans or recently Dave Kikoski. His Polish companions are no less prominents with such illoustrious musicians as Maciej Sikała or Adam Pierończyk taking part in his projects. This album is no less interesting from this point of view as others. From abroad Lemańczyk invited saxophonist Jacob Dinesen, one of the leading musicians on Danish scene who recorded with, for example, Paul Motian. As for Polish artists this disc features legendary saxophonist Zbigniew Namysłowski and just such info should persuade anyone to pay attention to this diisc. Apart from them excellent drummer Jacek Kochan and talented guitarist Maciej Grzywacz appear.

Music produced by this team does not dissappoint. Its perfectly played, deep, refined. Basically cool in mood, it clearly draws inspiration from ECM jazz. Soothing, relaxing, yet no spurficial I shall appeal to many lovers of mainstream jazz.  

Track listing:
1. Inner urge
2. Interference
3. First trip/ for k
4. P. mood
5. Things neverdone
6. Homeless
7. Explorer
8. Fascination c

By Maciej Nowotny

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