Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gaba Kulka - Hat, Rabbit (2009)

Gaba Kulka 

vocals, piano, keyboards - Gaba
drums - Robert Rasz
guitar - Piotr Aleksandrowicz
bass, cowbell - Kornel Jasiński
violin (Lady Celeste) - Konstanty Kulka
additional vocals (Aaa, Niejasności) - Czesław Mozil
saxophone, flute - Tomasz Duda
trumpet - Tomasz Ziętek
trombone - Marcin Muras

Hat, Rabbit (2009)

'Hat, rabbit' went gold the year it was released (2009), it was also nominated for Best Alternative Album (at the Polish record industry awards - Fryderyki), garnered high critical praise, and won over a great number of fans, beginning a new chapter for Gaba. 

Most notably, it was her first departure from solo-piano sound - 'Hat, rabbit' is most of all a band record (recorded with her longtime stage allies, Raalya), and a live-band energy permeates almost every song. And while it has its share of mysterious, dark ballads, the over-the-top-cabaret-rock prevails. Think 'Queen', and you won't be far from the mark! 

This time, we've included an extra track - 'Devil's Headlights', which was recorded for the album but dropped shortly before release (mostly because we wanted to keep the album a certain length, and partly because it didn't fit in). And now here it is! 

Track listing:
2. Heard the Light
3. Aaa
4. Niejasnośc
5. Love Me
6. Challenger
7. Emily
8. Kara Niny
9. Lady Celeste
10. Propaganda
11. Bosso
12. Słuchaj
13. Over

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