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BemiBem – Bemowe Frazy (Polish Jazz Vol.96 Deluxe, 1974)

Ewa Bem - vocal, precussion

Paweł Dąbrowski - bass
Mariusz Mrockowski - piano, vocal
Tomasz Jaśkiewicz - guitar
Aleksander Bem - percussion, vocal

special guests:
Marek Bliziński - guitar, 12-strings guitar
Jan Jarczyk - Fender piano
Wojciech Kowalewski - percusion, vocal

Zespół Instrumentalny - Tomasz Ochalski - conductor

Bemowe Frazy (Polish Jazz Vol.96 Deluxe, 1974)

This is the only album by the Polish Jazz-Rock ensemble BemiBem, which was formed by the siblings Ewa Bem and Aleksander Bem, both vocalists and percussionists. The group was formed after the ensemble Bemibek fell apart and the Bems remained as leaders of the new one. Aleksander composed nine of the eleven songs included here, which are all very melodic and quite sophisticated. The music is a mixture of Pop, Rock and Jazz, featuring excellent vocal harmonies accompanied by a great band and guest musicians like guitarist Marek Blizinski, pianist Jan Jarczyk and others. The vocal parts are somewhat similar to the style pioneered by the great Polish vocal ensemble NOVI. In retrospect this album is an overlooked gem, almost forgotten, but still sounding great after all these years. Although only marginally Jazz as such, it has a lot of Jazzy influences, which are clearly evident in the arrangement, instrumental backing and overall attitude. Ewa Bem would of course carry on becoming the First Lady of the Polish Jazz in the next decade, with this album being a nice reminder of the times when we were all much younger and innocent. It was an immense fun to listen to this album again after all those years and it remains to be a source of great musical fun. A must!

Track listing:
1. Podaruj mi trochę słońca
2. Bemowe frazy
3. Nie bójmy się wiosny
4. Dlaczego nas tam nie ma
5. Kolorowe lato
6. Nigdy w życiu
7. Podróż bez dziewczyny
8. Już ci nigdy nie przyrzeknę
9. Wędrowiec i Pegaz
10. Zawsze mamy siebie
11. Jajecznica

By Adam Baruch

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