Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oles, Trzaska, Oles - Mikro Music (2001)

Oles, Trzaska, Oles

Mikołaj Trzaska - alto & soprano saxophone, basson clarinet
Marcin Oleś - double bass
Bartlomiej Brat Oleś - drums

Mikro Music (2001)

"(...) serious playing, serious, impetuous music in which there are less and less unnecessary notes. Almost an essence of the musical content; a real pleasure. All the musicians play with no haste, allowing us to listen to the smallest fragments and giving a chance to get into the music, they do not try to catch the listener with one reach and give a chance to slowly built his own contact with what he listens to and be lead with the sonic events."

"(...) everything is subordinated to discipline here and everything happens as part of the discipline. The music calmly goes on, not pushed forward by any classical drum break or a double bass ostinato. Individual compositions have no distinct melodies or rhythm. They are simply happening. Interrelation of musicians, individual sounds, are far more interesting."

"The ex-yass scene has not put out such great record for a long time. Miko'aj Trzaska found sensational partners - brothers Ole' - I swear they are the best rhythm section one can currently listen to - faultless as mathematicians and colorists, performing rhythmic meditations on the move. It is the pulsating rhythmic spider web that defines the meditative, chamber, intimate mood and space of the record (...). Superb album, where traces of sacral ethno, jazz, contemporary chamber music and improvisation bear fruit in the form of individual atmosphere, which communicates with the listener and seduces him as direct, intimate transmission of emotions. One of the Polish albums of the year. A step towards completely unexpected areas." 
(Aktivist/Antena Krzyku)

Track listing:
1. Cztery zioła
2. Psie pola w Polsce
3. Radiowozy w słońcu
4. Interzone
5. Partyzanttt
6. Koszer
7. Mikro muzik I
8. Mikro muzik II
9. Morski
10. Senn

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