Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alchemik - Acoustic Jazz Sextet (1999)

Alchemik (band)

Grzech Piotrowski - soprano sax, tenor sax, C-melody sax
Łukasz Golec - trumpet, flugelhorn, vocal
Paweł Golec - trombone, tuba, vocal
Marcin Masecki - piano, Rhodes piano
Marcin Murawski - double-bass
Robert Luty - drums

Acoustic Jazz Sextet (1999)

This is debut recording of Alchemik band and a very good one! Looking from distance of years it looks even more interesting as it featured Grzech Piotrowski who subsequently has become major figure in Polish mainstream jazz, Marcin Masecki who excels now in avantgarde while brothers Golec has made great careers in popular version of folk music. These individual inclinations of those strong personalities are clearly present in this music but at the same time enough well-balanced to bring to our ears notes as much diversified and challenging as pleasant and enjoyable!

Track listing: 1. Bulgarian Folk Tune; 2. Janicku gibki bier sie do bitki; 3. Janicek gibki; 4. Jest drożyna jest; 5. Polka Kowalewskiego; 6. Ach, mój Jasieńko; 7. Pastereczka; 8. Doliny; 9. Gaik; 10. Opowieść o grusze co niemiła była i zgniła; 11. Chodzi lisek koło drogi; 12. Zgniła grucha; 13. Jeziora-piosenka z Mazur; 14. Tusz...dla wytrwałych

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