Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sing Sing Penelope – Music For Umbrellas (Monotype Records, 2006)

Sing Sing Penelope (band)

tomasz glazik - tenor & baritone saxophones, flute, synth 
rafał gorzycki - drums
wojciech jachna - trumpet, flugelhorn
daniel mackiewicz - electric piano, synth, organ, tabla, percussion
patryk węcławek - bass, double bass, kalimba, percussion
sebastian gruchot - violin (track 2)

Music For Umbrellas (Monotype Records, 2006)

This is the 2nd album by the incredible Polish Jazz ensemble Sing Sing Penelope, led by drummer Rafal Gorzycki and also including trumpeter Wojciech Jachna, saxophonist Tomasz Glazik, keyboardist Daniel Mackiewicz and bassist Patryk Weclawek. Violinist Sebastian Gruchot guests on one track. They play all original music, composed mostly by Gorzycki and Jachna or credited to the ensemble. Stylistically this is an incredible mixture of many elements from Jazz, Rock, Ambient, RIO and other areas, completely eluding any attempt of pinpointing or categorization. They are definitely one of the most interesting and most consistently excellent ensembles currently active on the Polish scene, which of course is a major compliment. All these players are excellent instrumentalist, the music is fresh, unusual and truly intelligent, but in spite its complex nature manages to embrace the element of melody, which is often mostly lost in adventurous attempts tried by others. I suppose that if Frank Zappa was alive today, he'd have loved to play with these young musicians behind him, but so would a lot of other great musicians. In any case this, and the other recordings by this group, is a beacon of hope that not all is lost in music in the 21st Century. Absolutely not to be missed!

Tracklisting: 1. Chickens [5:33]; 2. Fis & Love [10:22]; 3. La Couchette [7:53]; 4. Black Minority [7:26]; 5. Walce Bydgoskie [9:20]; 6. Summa Musica [10:16]

By Adam Baruch

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