Thursday, February 2, 2012

String Connection - 2012 (Polskie Radio, 2012) by Maciej Nowotny

String Connection (band)

Krzesimir Dębski - violin, keys, Hammond
Andrzej Olejniczak - soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Janusz Skowron - piano, Fender
Krzysztof Ścierański - bass guitar
Krzysztof Przybyłowicz - drums, percussions
Anna Jurksztowicz - vocal (6 i 8)

2012 (Polskie Radio, 2011)

String Connection is a band which existed from 1981 to 1988. In darkest times of martial law imposed by gen. Jaruzelski this music was a beacon of light in Polish jazz. It brought high quality, energetic and optimistic muse to people depressed by dire political situation and unbelievable hardships of living in country whose economy was falling apart. By 1988 however when this collective disbanded their music sounded already outdated and not reflecting changes in then fast changing world. Changes which eventually in 1989 brought freedom to Poland. It is therefore no surprise that reactivated after more than 20 years after it ceased to function this project cannot be taken as anything else than sentimental journey to the past. It brings nothing new and though music is very well played, it lacks in zeal and enthusiasm so characteristic to these musicians back in 80ties. I especially regret that such exceptional artists as violinist Krzesimir Dębski or saxophonist Andrzej Olejniczak stopped contributing creatively to Polish Jazz. This CD although sweet and charming is proof that they were unable to enter in dialogue with new aesthetics which emerged in jazz in last 20 years or so. Saying all that I must admit that rehearsing this album brought me a lot of pleasure! It is brilliantly played, songs are easy to catch and it tastes perfect when accompanying morning coffee. Though very little of jazz is present in these sounds, at least of jazz as it is understood at the beginning of XXI century...

Track listing: 1. Istrian Sideways; 2. Croatia On My Mind; 3. El Juguete; 4. Das Salzperlspiel; 5. Obsession; 6. Saranjeet Kaur; 7. Cien Kilos De Papas; 8. O Czym Marzą Dziewczyny

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