Friday, February 3, 2012

Ecstasy Project - They Were P (MW, 2011)

Ecstasy Project (band)

Rafał Gorzycki – perkusja
Tomasz Pawlicki – flet
Łukasz Górewicz - skrzypce, altówka
Paweł Nowicki – wibrafon
Paweł Urowski – kontrabas

They Were P (MW, 2011)

Rafał Gorzycki retains low profile but he is nonetheless one of leading figures in young Polish Jazz. His main feature is open-mindedness. His projects are varied and comprise mainstream, avantgarde and chamber music. He collaborated or co-leadered such important bands as Maestro Trytony, Sing Sing Penelope, Dziki Jazz or Ecstasy Project. This last venture is recognized not only in Poland but also abroad what is evidenced by this very favourable review of his last album "Reminiscence Europae" (2008). Musically speaking it is an elegant mixture of modern chamber music with free jazz aesthetics. Not too sophisticated for average and not too obvious for advance listener this release is good example how well ambitious and accessible elements in jazz can be merged together when in hands of talented and able musicians... 

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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