Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roginski, Masecki, Moretti - 2525252525 (Lado ABC, 2008)

Roginski, Masecki, Moretti (trio)

Raphael Rogiński - guitar
Marcin Masecki - Wurlitzer, pianino
Macio Moretti - drums

2525252525 (Lado ABC, 2008)

This is Polish new music at its best! These young musicians have strong personalities, fresh ideas and great skills. Raphael Rogiński united in his language: jazz, modern chamber and folk (klezmer) music influences. Masecki is well known for his fascination with classic music revival. His dream is new interpretation of Bach "The Art of Fugue". But in his short life this prodigiously talented pianist was also able to make significant contributions to Polish mainstream, avantgarde and even avantpop! That is a territory where he met with Macio Moretti whose inclinations are toward indie pop or anything which is ironic and iconoclastic. 

The outcome of such a meeting is indeed inspiring! Music is open, spontaneous and moving. Musical landscapes as created by this trio evoke dramatic emotions. At the same time it is all very coherent and engaging from one tune to the other. Multiple, broken and overlapping rhythms with shreds of melodies all build the mood of decadence but a very charismatic one. It may be not easy to munch for those yet not acquainted with modern avantjazz but once you catch on this music you will find yourself totally immersed in its world and enchanted by. Astonishing achievement! 

Track listing: 1. Zacz; 2. Skutek; 3. Hacz; 4. Szinn; 5. Tokad; 6. A-le!; 7. Dropsy; 8. Uolovnol; 9. Idom; 10. Nakonieczny

By Maciej Nowotny

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