Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fortuna Weeke Project - In The Small Hours (2009)

Fortuna Weeke Project (duo)

Maciej Fortuna – trumpet, flugelhorn, ocarine, percussion miscellaneous

Stefan Weeke – acoustic bass guitar, electronics

 In The Small Hours (2009)

Maciej Fortuna is promising young trumpeter whose album "Lost Keys" released in 2010 made good impression on us. This CD recorded in 2009 in duo with German guitarist Stefan Wekke is Fortuna's debut and, like with most excellent musicians, it confirms that they play well right from the start of their careers. Therefore irrespective of obvious flaws of this album: poor level of mastering resulting in rather shallow and blurred sound; unconvincing use of electronics; and at moments sound of trumpet too obviously imitating great Miles Davis style; this album is fully coherent and persuasive artistic statement. Its mood is perfectly reflected by album's title: sung in a minor keys, subdued, intimate it resembles deep, cool breath taken in the middle of sweltering summer day...

Check this link for sample of music:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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