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Maciej Sikała - The Sheep Is Found (Not Two, 1999)

Maciej Sikała - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Piotr Lemańczyk - bass guitar
Tomasz Sowiński - drums

The Sheep Is Found (Not Two, 1999)

Maciej Sikała is one of the best tenors in Poland. This is his second album recorded as a leader after "Blue Destinations" (2004). Looking into dates you might think I must be wrong about order but I am not. The album recorded as second was released first but it is better to hear them in chronological order. Why? "Blue Destinations" is recorded with musicians from legendary Miłość group, the most important band of avnatgarde yass movement in Polish jazz. It therefore is strongly influenced by rock, punk and pop music. On the other hand "The Sheep Is Found" is purely jazz enterprise evidencing Maciej Sikała definite departure from yass aesthetic. Again he picked up for this session outstanding rthythm section players. Tymon Tymański was replaced by Piotr Lemańczyk who since then has become one of the most exciting double bassists on Polish scene. Charismatic Jacek Olter on drums was substituted by then rising-star, young and talented Tomek Sowiński. Both Lemańczyk and Sowiński has made thereafter a big reputation not only among Polish audience. It is enough to mention such albums recorded by Lemańczyk  as for example  "Naha People" with Tim Hagans or  "Three Point Shot"  with Jerry Bergonzi.

Everything on this album sings how happy Maciej Sikała was to be again in main stream after years spent in free jazz. He relishes in making many citations from works of great saxophone players of the past among them Polish legendary altoist Zbigniew Namysłowski. Since it is his famous album "Kuyaviak Goes Funky" (1975) from where comes "Little Lamb Lost", a splendid tune utilising folk song as inspiration. Sikała's main tune "The Sheep Is Found" is clear reference to this cult-status piece and very, very succesful. It is therefore no surprise that this album was very warmly greeted by critics and got nomination to Fryderyk Award in best jazz album category. 

Check tune "Platino" from this album:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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