Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tomasz Stanko - Too Pee (Newedition, 2005)

Tomasz Stańko - trumpet

Manfred Brundl - bass
Michael Riessler - bass clarinet, clarinet, sopranino saxophone

Too Pee (Newedition, 2005)

This is a reissue of the album originally released under the title "Suite Talk" on the ITM label, which captures the wonderful meeting between the Polish Jazz trumpet virtuoso / composer Tomasz Stanko and two German Jazz players: reedman Michael Riessler and bassist Manfred Bründl. The trio performs a set of eight original compositions in a wonderful atmosphere of mutual respect, conversation and above all listening to each other. Stanko's "sharp" trumpet and Riessler's "soft" bass clarinet harmonize beautifully, with Bründl's bass providing the pulsating rhythmic support. These players are all completely open to every musical possibility, that the music they make is a magnificent expression of freedom, without being chaotic or messy. After all this is Free Jazz and Improvised Music, but with an openness towards melody and self-imposed restriction toward form. Stanko is in top form, with renewed energies, which characterize his early 1990s output, revitalized and as always exceptionally creative. It's excellent to have this superb album back in circulation and anybody who missed it the first time around should definitely avoid the same mistake again. Brilliant stuff!

Author: Adam Baruch

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