Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laboratorium – Quasimodo (Polish Jazz Vol.58, 1979)

Laboratorium (band)

Janusz Grzywacz – Acoustic Piano, Rhodes Piano, Arp Oddessey
Marek Stryszowski – Vocalm Vocal by "Space Chorus Rolland" Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
Pawel Scieranski – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Krzysztof Scieranski – Bass Guitar
Mieczyslaw Gorka – Drums, Percussion

Quasimodo (Polish Jazz Vol.58)

This is the 2nd album by Polish Jazz-Rock Fusion ensemble Laboratorium, which was one of several great Polish bands (like Extra Ball for example) playing in that vein during the 1970s. Founded by keyboardist Janusz Grzywacz, the band's founding members included also saxophonist / vocalist Marek Stryszowski and drummer Mieczyslaw Gorka. After an initial period of trying to find a musical identity, the band was joined by brothers Pawel Scieranski on guitar and Krzysztof Scieranski on bass (one of the greatest Polish bass players) and settled into the Fusion genre, with a musical approach and sound not far away from Weather Report. This, their second recording, presents them in their full power and the recording is quite stunning in its sophistication and instrumental aptitude. The music includes pieces composed by all members of the group. As opposed to most American Fusion at the time, which was mostly based on simplistic melodies and endless instrumental doodling, this music is atmospheric, intelligent, sophisticated, well developed and coherent, clearly well rooted in the European musical tradition. Fusion fans are well advised to try this out and explore this wonderful music, which is expanding the genre's limitations to the max. This music will also interest fans Prog fans, as it is close in spirit to the Canterbury genre. Superb stuff!

Track listing: A1 – Przejazd / The Journey; I'm Sorry, I'm Not The Driver; A2 – Etiudka / Little Etude Sniegowa Panienenka / The Snow Girl; A3 – Lady Rolland; B1 – Quasimodo; B2 – Kyokushinkai; B3 – Ikona / An Icon – in memory of Zbigniew Seifert

By Adam Baruch

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