Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski / Wojciech Karolak – Mainstream (Polish Jazz Vol.40, 1973)

Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski - tenor saxophone

Wojciech Karolak - Hammond organ

Marek Blizinski - guitar
Czeslaw 'Mały' Bartkowski - drums

Mainstream (Polish Jazz Vol.40, 1973)

This album presents a meeting between two Polish Jazz veterans: saxophonist / composer Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski and keyboardist Wojciech Karolak. The two cooperated in various Jazz ensembles since the late 1950s and until mid 1960s and this album marks their reunion in the studio after several years of not playing together due to Karolak's residence in Sweden in the late 1960s / early 1970s. The two are joined by another veteran, drummer Czeslaw Bartkowski, and excellent guitarist Marek Blizinski and together they play six tunes, five of which are standards and one id a Wroblewski original. Karolak plays the Hammond Organ, a sound that would be associated with him for his entire future career, and his passion fro that instrument is clearly evident here. Wroblewski and Blizinski play fire solos and Bartkowski drives the quartet forward at all times. Although typically mainstream, this is still great Jazz, performed with passion and considerable talent, which should be enjoyable to all Jazz connoisseurs. Recommended!

Track listing: 01. I Hear Music; 02. My Favourite Things; 03. Dookoła Wojtek; 04. Walkin'; 05. I got it Bad; 06. It Could Happen To Sou

By Adam Baruch

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