Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wojciech Staroniewicz – Alternations (2008) by Adam Baruch

Wojciech Staroniewicz - tenor / soprano saxophones

Sławek Jaskułke - piano
Michał Barański - double bass
Hubert Zemler - drums
Leszek Możdżer (gościnnie) - piano

Alternations (2008)

This is an excellent album by Polish saxophonist / composer Wojciech Staroniewicz, recorded with his quartet, which includes pianist Slawek Jaskulke, bassist Michal Baranski and drummer Hubert Zemler. Polish piano superstar Leszek Mozdzer sits in on three tracks, replacing the regular pianist. Staroniewicz composed all the nine tracks present here, which again proves his abilities as a composer, as they versatile and vary in mood and melodic direction, including some subtle World Music influences. The music is performed perfectly with the leader soloing extensively, and his solos are always a pleasure to listen to. On the three tracks Mozdzer guests on, he also gets plenty of space to show his chops. The rhythm section gives the soloist excellent support and the overall sound of the quartet is very solid. Staroniewicz has a wonderful tone on tenor and soprano saxophone and an unusually melodic approach, which does not diminish his improvisational qualities, which are truly impressive. Overall this album is a lot of fun to listen to and a great proof that solid, melodic Jazz can be also of high quality and interest. This album is most warmly recommended to Jazz fans who love quality modern mainstream Jazz.

Author: Adam Baruch

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