Sunday, February 12, 2012

Andrzej Przybielski – Tren Zalobny (Multikulti, 2011) by Adam Baruch

Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet

Jacek Mazurkiewicz - double bass, electronics
Paweł 'Model' Osicki - drums

Tren Żałobny (Multikulti, 2011)

This is the third posthumous release (in a few months) by the great Polish avant-garde trumpeter / composer Andrzej Przybielski, which is about as many albums as he released under his name during his entire life. This sad statistic once more reminds us that Art should be appreciated preferably while the Artist is still with us rather than when he's gone. But, "better late than never", which is a solace for the fools, applies nevertheless. This album collects the recordings (both live and studio) Przybielski made with two young musicians: bassist Jacek Mazurkiewicz and drummer Pawel Osicki, which were one of his last projects. 

The music is quite different from the acoustic trio performances with the Oles Brothers, as it also includes some electronically generated sound layers, vocal parts (with Przybielski's distinctive voice) and other effects, which expand the scope significantly. In many respects this is a lesser known side of Przybielski's activity, although he was involved with many innovative projects his entire life, some of which lied well beyond the Jazz idiom. Of course the music is brilliant and challenging as always in his case and attentive and open-minded listeners should find here an unusual and most rewarding musical experience. The album is an overwhelming proof of Przybielski's versatility and complete disregard of conventions and limitations, which makes his untimely death even more tragic, as he definitely was one of very few of his class. Modern avant-garde Jazz lovers rejoice!

Track list: 1. Intro [Andrzej Przybielski]; 2. Tren Żałobny [1]; 3. De Profundis; 4. Rotacje II, part 1; 5. Rotacje II, part 2; 6. Rotacje II, part 3 [Guru]; 7. Sacrum; 8. Tren Żałobny [2]; 9. Outro

By Adam Baruch

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