Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jerzy Milian – Baazaar (Polish Jazz Vol.17, 1969)

Jerzy Milian -  vibraphone, marimba

Jacek Bednarek - double bass
Grzegorz Gierłowski - drums
Janusz Mych - flute
Ewa Wanat - vocals

Baazaar (Polish Jazz Vol.17, 1969)

This is the debut album by veteran Polish Jazz vibraphonist / composer Jerzy Milian, one of the godfathers of modern Jazz in Poland. Milian started to play in the 1950s and was a member of the legendary sextet led by Krzysztof Komeda, who persuaded him to move from piano to vibraphone. In time Milian became one of the top vibraphone players in Europe as well as an excellent composer with highly personal style. His music was always quite sophisticated and unusual, quite ahead of its time. The early Komeda influence was replaced later on by his own original compositional direction, which flirted with Cool, Third Stream, contemporary Classical and World Music. This album presents eight of his original compositions (one co-composed with Komeda) performed by a trio, which includes bassist Jacek Bednarek and drummer Grzegorz Gierlowski. Two members of the legendary Polish vocal group NOVI: vocalist Ewa Wanat and flautist Janusz Mych also participate. This is a splendid example of European Jazz, which was rapidly developing in Eastern Europe by late 1960s and which still sounds great regardless half a century later. Highly recommended!

Track listing: 01. Memory of bach; 02. My Favourite Band; 03. Rewelacyjny Luciano; 04. Szkice Ludowe; 05. Tempus Jazz 67; 06. Bazar w Aszchabadzie; 07. Serial Rag; 08. Velse Ex Cathedra

By Adam Baruch


  1. This kind of vocal is typical of Polish Jazz in the late 1960s and except fot the Les Double Six in France NOVI (of which Ewa was a member) had no competition.... breathtaking stuff!


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