Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wojciech Staroniewicz - Karambola (Allegro, 1999)

Wojciech Staroniewicz - tenor and soprano saxophones

Robert Majewski - trumpet, flugelhorn
Grzegorz Nagórski - trombone
Cezary Paciorek - accordion
Olo Walicki - bass
Cezary Konrad - drums
Nippy Noya - congas, percussion

Karambola (Allegro, 1999)

(Editor) Very decent mainstream album with virtuoso playing by saxophonist Wojtek Staroniewicz. Few excerpts from translated reviews I found on

"Wojtek Staroniewicz... an instrumentally perfect musician, emotionally mature, flawlessly combines in his play the Yang of Coltrane and the Ying of West Coast musicians. His soprano sax sometimes sounds almost exactly like Candless's oboe." 
Grzegorz Tusiewicz - Onet Jazz

"Trying to describe this extraordinary musical event I am left with no option but to capitulate. I was literally staring with my mouth open and listening, absorbing, absorbing the music and drowning in delight. Oh, man! If this carambolic concert is ever to be repeated, do take the risk and spend your last ten zloty (or even more, if jazz is to be subject to inflation) to see it, simply because it is worth it."
Stanislaw Danielewicz "Jazzi Magazine" 28/1998 

"Already the first piece amazed me with the diabolic rhythmic divisions, executed with freedom full of disinvolture. The next thing that followed was, like in Hitchcock, only crescendo...".
Roman Kowal "Jazz Forum" 9/1998 

1. Karambola 6'52; 2. Melo d'Amelie 5'38; 3. Pros & Cons 7'45; 4. How Insensitive 4'28; 5. When You're Sleeping 6'19; 6. Summertime 7'20; 7. Up Train 9'58

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