Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jozef Skrzek, Tomasz Szukalski - Ambitus Extended (1983)

Józef Skrzek - bass guitar, electric piano, synthesizer

Tomasz Szukalski - saxophone, bass clarinet

Ambitus Extended (1983)

Mind-blowing release!!! True hidden, very deeply hidden, gem of Polish jazz. Although this is duo with Józef Skrzek whole shows belongs here to legendary saxophonist Tomasz Szukalski. Best word to describe him is "genius". Like very few musicians in Polish jazz he got everything needed to become world class figure: talent, skill, individuality. He could play at the highest level in pop, mainstream or free. His musical ideas regardless of style he played in were always fresh and his creativity unbounded. This recording is excellent proof of such assumption. Although backed only by Skrzek who never was part of Polish jazz scene but was key player on our rock scene, he nonetheless transcends this meeting into something metaphisical. His saxophone yearns, wails and seduces like Salome in her famous dance in front of king Solomon. One song after another all our objections fall down like veils down from her sumptuous body. In the end naked truth remains: an awe in face of talent so grand and so... wasted... 

1. Ambitus extended (J.Skrzek, T.Szukalski) 6:10; 2. Sweet Pultyna (J.Skrzek) 3:31; 3. Crazy at times (J.Skrzek, T.Szukalski) 4:14; 4. For my Tina (T.Szukalski) 3:45; 5. Walk before a break (J.Skrzek, T.Szukalski) 1:20; 6. Trumpet and dwarfs in Kaeper's shack (J.Skrzek, T.Szukalski) 4:38; 7. Happy people from X (J.Skrzek) 3:50; 8. Out of the ordinary (J.Skrzek) 5:45; 9. Doublueben (J.Skrzek, T.Szukalski) 4:55 

By Maciej Nowotny

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