Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nic Innego- Pozamiatane [EP] (2009)

Nic Innego (band)

Jakub Bruszewski – bas
Igor Chołda – congi
Rafał Gańko – trąbka
Karol Gołowacz – saksofon teneorowy
Janek Jędrzejczyk – klawisze
Adam Kłosiński – puzon
Jarek Praszczałek – trąbka
Jakub Sojka - perkusja
Damian Zieliński – bongosy, perkusjonalia
Maciej Zych – saksofon sopranowy

Pozamiatane (2009)

This is a debut EP for this band that may be described as quite typical for young bands that is containing some decent songs but altogether rather uneven. Some arrangements are very simple and level of playing is often unsatisfactory. But there are moments in this music when good things happen like in trance-like 'Sine Matic'. In this best moments Nic Innego steps in tracks of famous Contemporary Noise Sextet without however its energy, charisma and sex appeal. Verging on outskirts between jazz, fusion, funky and film music this album is enveloped in complete silence little more than one year after its premiere suggesting that at least from marketing point of view this debut proved to be complete failure. This certainly calls for some analysis by these young musicians but still I believe they deserve one more chance and some more time to maturate as there seems to be true talent hidden somewhere in this music...

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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