Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Polish indie recording company Export Label issues jazz album!!!

Jacek Latoń (Cuefx)

Dominik Strycharski (flutes, vocals, lyrics)
Aleksander Papierz (saxophones)
Tomasz Barzęc (trumpet, voice)
prof. Tadeusz Sławek (lecture)
dj Jazzbin (scratching)
Elwira Skrobska (voice)

International Post-War Chill (Export Label, 2012)

"We have decided to celebrate the new year with a new release. It has been prepared by an artist already familiar to Export Label fans. After the singles ‘Natural Thing’ and ‘Whale’, it’s time for Cuefx to present a full-length album. ‘International Post-War Chill’ is both musically and thematically rich; each of the eleven compositions tells a separate story, and touches upon different branches and varieties of jazz. This has been possible thanks to the cooperation of Dominik Strycharski (flutes, vocals, lyrics), Aleksander Papierz (saxophones), Tomasz Barzęc (trumpet, voice) and Jacek Latoń (Cuefx), who supervised the project, and took great care to weave the sounds together for us to fully experience ‘International Post-War Chill’. The album also features guest appearances by prof. Tadeusz Sławek (lecture), dj Jazzbin (scratching) and Elwira Skrobska (voice). ‘International Post-War Chill’ has been released in the limited edition of 220 CDs, available at ExportShop."

Download this album for FREE at this LINK.

source: promotional materials

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