Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tomasz Stanko – Lady Go… (Polskie Nagrania, 1984)

Tomasz Stańko - trumpet

Apostolis Antymos - guitars, drums
Witold Szczurek - bass, bass guitar
Tomasz Hołuj - percussion

Lady Go… (Polskie Nagrania, 1984)

This is the second recording in the series of Jazz-Rock albums created by the great Polish trumpeter / composer Tomasz Stanko in the 1980s. Following "C.O.C.X." and preceding "Witkacy – Peyotl", it is definitely the most melodic and "straight-forward" album Stanko ever recorded, with a set of superb melodies, which are great fun to listen to. Of course in Stanko's case, simplicity means perfection and there is no compromise whatsoever with his usual standard of both performance and composing excellence. Recorded with guitarist Apostolis Anthimos (of SBB fame), who also plays drums here, bassist Witold Szczurek and percussionist Tomasz Holuj, this is a beautiful example of Stanko's versatility and his ability to rejuvenate and reinvent himself every decade or so. Absolutely brilliant stuff!

Track list: 1. Modi Modi; 2. The First; 3. Mr Paul at Marta's Palace; 4. Almost Gama; 5. Lady Go; 6. Last Song; 7. Lakis & Basia; 8. Violet Liquor; 9. Les Papillons Girls; 10. Modi Modi

By Adam Baruch

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