Monday, February 20, 2012

Tomasz Stanko – Roberto Zucco (Polonia, 1996)

Tomasz Stańko - trumpet

Janusz Skowron - synthesizer
Sławomir Kurkiewicz - bass
Zbigniew Brysiak - percussion
Michał Miśkiewicz - drums
Andrzej Jagodziński - piano (2, 10, 16)
Dorota Miśkiewicz - vocal (2, 16)

Roberto Zucco (Polonia, 1996)

This is a relatively little known brilliant album by Polish virtuoso trumpeter / composer Tomasz Stanko, presenting one of the numerous soundtracks Stanko created for stage and cinema. This soundtrack was used for the Polish production of the theatre play "Roberto Zucco" by Bernard-Marie Koltés, based on the life of infamous Italian serial killer Roberto Succo. The music, which as usual with Stanko's work, stands alone perfectly when removed from the stage context, consists of sixteen relatively short pieces performed by a quintet, quartet or on solo trumpet. Thirteen of these pieces are composed by Stanko and the remaining three are variations on the famous standard "Blue Velvet", of which two include vocal parts by singer Dorota Miskiewicz. This is an ultra rare opportunity to hear Stanko performing a standard, which he almost never does. Other players include pianist Andrzej Jagodzinski, keyboardist Janusz Skowron, bassist Slawomir Kurkiewicz, drummer Michal Miskiewicz and percussionist Zbigniew Barysiak. Overall, as always with Stanko, this music is powerful and delicate simultaneously, simply making you wish it just wouldn't stop. This is of course an absolute must to any Stanko acolyte / collector and a great proof of Stanko's versatility as a composer. Brilliant stuff!

Track listing: 1. Roberto Zucco wersja 1 [05:25]; 2. Blue Velvet wersja 1 [03:38]; 3. Roberto Zucco wersja 2 [02:32]; 4. Roberto Zucco wersja 3 [01:53]; 5. Roberto Zucco wersja 4 [01:23]; 6. Roberto Zucco wersja 5 [01:15]; 7. Roberto Zucco wersja solo 1 [02:14]; 8. Roberto Zucco wersja 6 [02:10]; 9. Roberto Zucco wersja 7 [03:12]; 10. Blue Velvet wersja 4 [02:57]; 11. Roberto Zucco wersja 8 [02:19]; 12. Roberto Zucco wersja 9 [02:40]; 13. Roberto Zucco wersja solo 2 [02:04]; 14. Roberto Zucco wersja 10 [05:11]; 15. Roberto Zucco wersja solo 3 [02:17]; 16. Blue Velvet wersja 3 [03:55]

By Adam Baruch

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