Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maciej Tubis - Fulfilment (2007)

Today I present young polish pianist Maciej Tubis (b. 1983) and his first recording titled Fulfilment. Why "fulfilment"? Although still very young Tubis has behind himself almost 20 years of musical edution. He finished with acclamation studies in Music Academy in Lodz where he is now working as a teacher of jazz improvisation. Although he is exceptionally well educated in classical music, his inclination towards pop music (he's great fan of Jamiroquai) and jazz music led him eventually toward improvised music.
His music still sounds very classical and is inspired by composers like Arvo Part, Michał Górecki and Grażyna Bacewicz, therefore being very spacious, cold, solemn and melodic. There are present some touches of jazz but generally speaking they are rather sparse and this is jazz almost without syncopated or swing element, strange as it sounds. In this few moments however when Tubis start to play more jazz than classical music we listen to pianist that has incredible and great possibilties, the one that may in future continue the line of polish virtuoso pianist succesfully melding classic and jazz music, like for example Mieczysław Kosz, Adam Makowicz or Leszek Możdżer.
Tubis composed all the music played on this album (except song Moja Lodz that is improvisation on the theme of polish opera composer Stanisław Moniuszko). Last but not least music on this disc is stylistycally coherent, attractive and inspiring. I simply admire this work of such a young artist who shows that as composer, performer, musician he's capable of great things in future.
On this record he is accompanied by Jacek Delong playing on tenor saxophone, Mariusz Wiater on double bass and Emil Waluchowski on drums. All these muscians come from Lodz and are connected to its Music Academy as teachers or students.
Another song on this record is titled Jest jak jEST (It is like it is) and is evidencing the influences of wonderful Esbjorn Svensson Trio on Maciej Tubis music. I believe this video is proving that his talent may in time match the genius of his master:

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