sobota, 18 września 2010

Stańko, Szukalski, Vesala, Warren - TWET (Polish Jazz – Vol. 39, 1974)

Recently ( I've started what was intendend as complete review of Tomasz Stańsko discography. After 3 months comes next review so at this rate the whole project shall be completed in 40 years or so... Going back to subject I listened this time to the album titled TWET (title comes from combined letters of artists names). Issued in 1974 is Stańko's third album as a leader. The set up of musicians changes completely from aforementioned Music For K. Peter Warren is American bassist and his presence by Stańko side turned up to be only incidental. We shall however bu grateful to him for providing solid and compassionate base line for this rather wild and free jazz recording.
Edvard Vesala, Finnish drummer, on the contrary, became a long time companion of Tomasz. Daring, creative and somewhat crazy (they both doped heavily in those years) he fits perfectly to introvertic yet top-notch avantgarde style of Stańko those days. 
Tomasz Szulaski, nicknemaed "Jackal", was another worthy addition to Stańko group. Szukalski talent exploded at the beginning of 70ties when with Zbigniew Namysłowski group he recorded such fantastic discs as Winobranie and Kuyawiak Goes Funky. Szukalski  warlike, all-or-nothing and uncompromising attitude to playing saxophone was  another perfect addition to leader of the band elegant, moody and pensive trumpet.
All these building bricks jagged in so well that from the first notes of first composition on this album titled Dark Awakening (arguably the best one on the album) we feel this rehearsal shall be something special. Artistic unity, ambitious design, great individualities drawn together: all those components necessary for cooking up great recording are obvious on this disc and they do work. The material is complex, deep, challenging to both mind and heart so all can be said about TWET except that it is nice and easy to listen. And that is my one and only objection to this music: I feel that besides such a weirdo crazy about free jazz as I am few people really ever return to this album and listen to this undoubtedly awesome music.

By Maciej Nowotny

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