Friday, February 19, 2010

Contemporary Noise Quintet - Pig Inside The Gentleman (2006)

With this record Contemporary Nosie Quintet made quite an impact on polish scene because there were before them almost no recordings in such style. This style may be described as blend of jazz, improvised and film music. It reminds me of such bands I heard recently as french-japanese United Future Organization, british Nostalgia 77 or american Hypnotic Brass Orchestra. 

The band was created by Kapsa brothers who are very well known on polish rock scene as they created one of the most important young rock bands of recents years called Something Like Elvis. It was big surprise when at the height of popularity of this band they decided to finish it and start new one dedicated to jazz. Beacause of the success of their previous creation they had not no diffculty in inviting to the band  excellent jazz musicians. They were joined by saxofonist Tomek Glazik who played in top jazz avant-garde band Sing Sing Penelope (I wrote about them in this blog), trumpeter Wojtek Jachna (also Sing Sing Penelope) and bassist Paweł Urowski (who last year recorded excellent album titled Dziki Jazz - Wild Jazz). Guests taking part in this recording are no less prominent as they comprised young but very talented guitarist Kamil Pater, trombonist Marcin Muras and double bass player Radosław Manthey.

One may only admire creativity of all these guys moving freely between different styles being able to reconcile punk  agressivness with jazz sense of space and improvisation. What is even more admirable that Kapsa brothers set up their own record company called Electric Eye which issued this album and is developing quite well. Additionaly recording was made in their own studio in Szubin and one must appreciate its high level as nonetheless loud character of music, its sense of space and granularity is more than satisfactory.

By Maciej Nowotny


  1. za przeproszeniem g... a nie polish jazz. niech oni lepiej graja punk czy co tam grali wczesniej. profanacja nazywac to cos jazzem

  2. masz prawo do swojej opinii, choć ceniłbym ją więcej jak bys podał jakieś argumenty

  3. zdaje się że ten gość jest znany z innych blogów i stron poświęconych muzyce. rozpoznawalny styl frustrata, który ma jakiś problem z szufladką jazz. zdaje się że to szuflada w jego głowie, która od pewnego czasu przestała się domykać...


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